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Testimonials From Our Happy Horse Guard Customers

“I lost a horse from a Selenium deficiency, don’t let it happen to you. Horse Guard is essential in my barn since my loss.” -Jessica from Sisters, Oregon.

“I use Horse Guard Vitamins for my younger horse, Super Gain when needing to add weight or my older horses, but now that my Miniature is starting to get a little age & we are going to more shows, I have moved him on to Trifecta. It has improved our overall performance, with the vitamins, freed up his joints, helped to keep his stomach happy & compliments on his shiny white spots & dappled coat. Thank you for making it easier to feed all 4 supplements in one easy feeding.” -Christina Klein & Raiders Silver Image Yakima, Washington

“I am amazed with Horse Guard and want to share my story.

I breed, train and show AQHA and APHA horses. I raise and sell most of the time. However, somehow two of my daughter’s old show horses found a place in our hearts and have a permanent place on our ranch.Topper is a 21 year old APHA mare. She has been lame or gimpy for many years. I have struggled wondering if I should put her down, which would make our entire family sad. We have owned her for 20 years and she is part of our family. I decided to try a horse supplement “Trifecta” from Horse Guard. It contains the vitamin/mineral formulation, plus a complete hoof and full joint supplement plus MSM and glucosamine…………………….. Thank you! Thank you! for making this miracle feed supplement. Topper is now not only the number one horse in TLC Equine Special Olympics but, being leased to an 11 year old girl taking lessons twice a week and is planning to take her back to the show pen this summer….I have had Topper on “Trifecta” for 6 months. She is sound and out running the young horses on our ranch. Truely Amazing!!!Topper has dropped weight because her age and decrease in appetite and increase of exercise. I started her on “Super Gain” (Horse Guard) two months ago. She has already put the weight back on. I wish I would have taken pictures. You can really see the difference. I highly recommend HORSE GUARD. I put the other older (16 year) AQHA show gelding Bingo on “Trifecta” 6 months ago. He is being leased by a 13 year old girl that rides and rides and then rides some more. Bingo is going strong. They are going to clean up this 2013 show season!

Sincerely and honestly a happy customer for life.” -Robyn Anderson from Coeur de Alene, Idaho

“My mare has always done amazing on Horse Guard only supplement I will use!” -Kristin Gudmundsen from Creswell, OR

“We were given a horse that had been neglected. She was underweight, had worms and was questionable for Cushings. We started her on Horse Guard in addition to her grain and the difference is amazing! She has put on 100 pounds and shed out. She doesn’t have Cushings. You have an amazing product! Another happy Oregon customer!”  – Melanie Jensen Huebsch from Oregon

“Lexi is 17 but you would not think it, if you meet her. Since I’ve been feeding Horse Guard I notice that her weight stays on better… THANKS Horse Guard” -Kari Tisdel-Hansen from Lyman, Washington

“I had a horse that was a rescue and he was so dull, eyes, hair, and flaky hooves. I put him on Horse Guard and he just felt so much better and his appearance was striking. He also put on more muscle because his body had the vitamins and minerals to build healthy muscles hair and nails” -Jessica Bradford

“My family first started using Horse Guard years ago, with our very first horse. The difference was quite noticeable after we started using the product… nicer hooves, smooth, shiny coat and even brighter eyes! Horse Guard makes for happy and healthy horses… we will continue to use it for years to come.”-Ashley Jacobson from McMinnville, Oregon

“I first found out about Horse Guard at the Albany horse expo. I had no idea that we are so low on Selenium in Oregon till I talked to rep about it. I got some and loved the results it showed in my horse! Plus I love that it is made here in Oregon. I love locally produced stuff!” -Jean Deford from Portland, Oregon

“I use Horse Guard to keep my horses healthy and fit! The older dun mare used to get pretty ribby in the winter with her fast metabolism. Since we’ve been using HG she stays healthier and looks much better. As she ages she’s also never had a problem with arthritis and she’s my top gaming horse! Picture was taken today of my 3 horses!” -Kelsey Prudhomme from Independence, OR

“My horse, Phire, has been getting Horse Guard all his life! Keeps him balanced in work and at play!” -Liz Lawson Weber from Portland, OR

“I have used Horse Guard for the last 5 years and I cannot say enough good things about it! My horses love it! Their coats are nice and glossy, their feet are hard and strong and they overall just look great on it! I have tried other products in the past but nothing tops it! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I recommend it to anyone I come across with horses and I am sure my horses would too if they could talk 🙂 Below is a photo of my horse Remington who I got about a year ago and has been on the product since I got him. In this picture he is taking a nap in a field in Prineville after a long day of gathering cattle out of the Ochoco Forest!” -Kristen Fetsch-Haskett from Portland, OR

“After a 30 year break from the horse world I adopted a horse this past March (2012)…I wanted to find a great all around supplement to be sure he maintains his tough hooves, beautiful coat and great health…after speaking with your Rep at our Coastal Farm and Ranch opening here in The Dalles I know that Horse Guard is right for my Buddy!! I love that he loves it! Thanks Horse Guard!” -Barbara Harris from The Dalles, Oregon

“I have a miniature horse that was a rescue, I have been trying to put weight on him. I have used Horse Guards products for hoof health in the past with my horses and saw the improvements so it only makes sense to use Horse Guard for anything health related!” -Mark Herrington from Carbonado, Washington

“I just got my first horse in May of last year, he is a paint/QH named whiskey and I got him when he was 3 months old. Ever Since I got him, he has been given Horse Guard to help him grow to his full potential. I really like the product and how healthy he looks compared to other yearlings. I am going to continue to use the product for the rest of his years because I like how he does on it. Here is a picture of us after working on lunging.” -Joshua Haskett from Scotts Mills, Oregon

“I have been using Horse Guard for almost three months now and love it! My horse loves it and is very healthy!=] thank you so very much for an awesome product!” -Kimberly Stafek from Eugene, Oregon

“Horse Guard has been the #1 Vitamin/Mineral in our Feeding Program. It is a Quality Product that is Fresh and the Price is Very Good. Also the Red Buckets was a nice surprise to get as we always have opportunity to use them on the ranch. Thanks Again for such a Quality Product and we look forward to many more years of use!!”

“Poco Lynx Command” – AQHA & NFQHA Sorrel Stallion.

Connie Holmes- Holmes Ranch from Rouge River, Oregon

“I have used Horse Guard for years. I know that using this product my horses are at the top of their game. Awesome product!” -Joan Nix from Olalla, WA

“Horse Guard does wonders for horses of all sizes! I love it for my two minis and have seen definite improvement after starting to use it this summer!” -Ardie Erickson from Salmon, Idaho

“I’ve been using Horse Guard for a while now and it has done wonders for the horses. I LOVE it and highly recommend it!!” -Christine Pittman from Wilkeson, Washington

“I’ve been using Horse Guard since my vet recommended it in 2002; see my lovely mare Koko. She’s been getting it all her life!”-Lindy Foster from Philomath, Oregon

“This is my guy Rio. He’s very wiggly so my decent pictures of him are few and far between. He is a solid horse guard horse, and looks it! The farrier loves his “stove pipe” hooves and he’s a very healthy happy boy, nearly always up to no good. But I figure he wouldn’t be that way if he didn’t feel great. I love the HG products and recommend them daily to the customers who come to me for help. I thank Jan Stubbe for being just generally amazing and starting me and my horses on Horse Guard in 2005. Thanks!” -Jessica Sackett Wenatchee, Washington

“I love horse guard my horse is 35 and looks so good!!!!” -Tonia Brigger

“I LOVE this product!!! It works very well for the hard keepers. I love your products, I use both the Super Gain and the Horse Guard. Both have worked wonders for all of my equine.” -Saunia Roberts from Battle Ground, Washington

“Horse Guard helped my horse look and act much healthier. He was shiny and vibrant! Great product!” -Caitlin Oestreich

“Horse Guard does wonders for horses of all sizes! I love it for my two minis and have seen definite improvement after starting to use it this summer!” -Ardie Erickson

“Horse Guard is a great supplement to complete any feeding regiment!” -Mavonnie Deitz

“Horse Guard is a great product I’ve used it for years with several horses, and will feed it to my new horse as well. Thanks for the quality!!!!!” -Rachel Dawson

“The valley grass hay we have here doesn’t always have everything the horses need. Feeding Horse Guard fills in the holes in their diet and ensures they are getting everything they need. Love your products!” -Bridgette Dever Storey

“We use it for each of our 9 horses. I love the fact it is for all ages. Very nice product! Great for the Pacific Northwest. Gives SO much support and nutrients. “-Brenda Elder

“I have used Horse Guard on all of our horses for years. We have also rescued several over the years. Now we have three very different mustangs. No matter if they are young, old, easy keepers, hard keepers, etc. Horse Guard makes a significant difference on all of them. It takes a couple of months to actually see the difference but it is obvious. Great product, great price.. I consider it a staple at our stable!!” -Linda L. Minten



“Awesome performance supplement. Saw a difference in my horses movements in 3 weeks! Better, safer and less expensive than injecting his hocks! And his coat looks amazing.”– Jordan from Ellensburg, Washington

“Love the TriFecta four-n-one. I went from paying $230 bi monthly for supplements to $90 and I get the same results, beautiful coats healthy hoof and happy guts. Love it!!!” -Candice Countryman VanAlstyne from Washington

“I’m a Trifecta Lover!! Best joint supplement I’ve ever used. Plus look at the glossy, slick hair coat. Keeps hooves strong all year long. My horses love the taste and it’s very easy to feed every day. Trifecta helps keep my horses beautiful and sound.” – Robyn Anderson from Coeur de Alene, Idaho

“People with horse sense love your Trifecta supplement and so do the senior horses at The Horse Sense Riding School in Estacada, Oregon. Our program provides homes and jobs to unwanted and neglected senior horses and Trifecta is our supplement of choice. I started using Trifecta after rescuing my first horse, Bear. When he came to me, he was so arthritic that you could hear his joints clicking as he moved. With regular light exercise and Trifecta, Bear is now a healthy, active, comfortable senior horse – with no creaky joints. Most of my horses are over the age of 20 and teach a light lesson load, so it’s important that they remain in optimal health. We took in 3 rescues last month and after getting them all vetted and floated, our funds are stretched thin and unfortunately, the first thing to go was our supplements. In less than a week, there’s been a marked difference in the health of our horses. Some of my horses are a bit more fatigued than usual and several have had loose stool due to the lack of probiotics. Poor guys! Thank you for creating a great product! -Kat Barrett Executive Director Horse Sense Riding School horsesenseridingschool.org



“ I swear by this stuff! Works on hard keepers to rescue horses. Best WEIGHT GAIN product for horses!” Colleen from Susanville, California

“20 years ago we started Rhett, a yearling Holsteiner/Dutch Warmblood, on Super Gain as he shot up to over 17h. It worked wonders on him, adding weight and health through his growth spurts. Now, as he’s in his twilight years and losing weight due to arthritis pain Super Gain is back in his diet and , once again, helping maintain his weight and health. Thank you…” -Cave Creek, Arizona

“My first horse (I Founda King) I purchase myself. He had a Selenium deficiency (sp) so, we looked around and found Hors Guard. I have used it ever after & the only thing better is Super Gain 🙂 Later found out, I have been using Horse Guard, since the beginning.” -Christina M Klein Yakima, Washington

“I LOVE this product!!! It works very well for the hard keepers.I love your products, I use both the Super Gain and the Horse Guard. Both have worked wonders for all of my equine.” -Saunia Roberts Battle Ground, Washington

“I have started my horses on “Super Weight Gain” for winter and already noticing a difference. It’s full of vitamins, pro-biotics and protein. It’s the best stuff out there if you are looking for harder keepers too!” -Heidi Kuester from Carbonado, Washington

“Best product out there for my rescue horses and hard keepers. I swear by “Super Weight Gain”!!!!!” -Jenny from Bend, Oregon

“Fantastic results! Only supplement I will give my older performance horse.” -Rita from Oregon

“I had a cow pregnant cow that got coccidiosis really bad, and also had a steer that was sneaking milk off of her. She lost a lot of weight and went from a BCS of around 5 to a 2 in a matter of a couple weeks. I took care of the coccidiosis, and put her on super weight gain. In 90 days, I had her looking better then she was before :). Works great with cattle!” -Jess Ropp from Albany, Oregon

“We switched him to Super Gain. Within a week we saw a noticeable difference. Mostely in his attitude but his weight was starting to fill in. In 3 weeks we had a “new” horse! He had filled out he was running and bucking. Back to picking on the younger horses! I would recommend this product to everyone!!! By the way our show horses are on TRIFECTA!”- Sharon Tullis from Hermiston, Oregon


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“We started our horses on Horse Guard, then after learning about Simplete I’ve made the switch! It makes feeding time so much easier now that they all get the same thing! We had problems loading my daughter’s horse for her first horse show this spring, so we made last minute switch and grabbed my gelding out of the pasture. No bath, no clippers just Simplete and some good old fashion elbow grease and our boy shined right up! Thank you!!!” -Mica Brawley from Wentachee, Washington

Gracie and Blazin Biankus “Dodger” after Oregon City BTM Aug 17-19th they won the 1D average and won 3rd race with a 17.431 which was also the fast time of the weekend and won over $600. Dodger loves her Simplete! -Randi Garthwaite from Powell Butte, Oregon

“Well life is back to normal after the big Pendleton win. Just wanted to thank everyone for the support. Especially Horse Guard for keeping my horse Tucker feeling good and healthy. Simplete is a great product and Tucker loves it and I love it because it gives me chances to win rodeos like the Pendleton Roundup.” – Roger Nonella, 2013 Pendleton Round-Up Tie Down Champion from Klamath Falls, Oregon

“I started using Simplete on my calf horses last fall and I really like the way they act and feel this year. The horse I really noticed was on is a young calf horse. I had troubles getting the weight on him no matter if I was ridding or not and in the summer he wouldn’t shead off very well. Well this winter he put on weight and looked good. Came spring time he started shedding and he is slicked off and looks the best he has ever looked. Thanks to horse guard for getting my horses feeling better so the perform better in the arena. -Chad Finley from Mt Vernon, Oregon


Hoof Guard

“More Biotin and includes MSM! Hoof Guard has worked better than any other hoof supplement I’ve tried!” Jesse from Yelm, Washington