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Feeding probiotics, prebiotics, and live yeast cultures will help to optimize your horse’s gastrointestinal flora in the hindgut, allowing for maximum gut function and digestion of feedstuffs consumed. A horse’s gut flora is very sensitive, particularly in the gut of a hard-keeper and older horses. Changes in feed, stress from training and travel, and antibiotics are all big culprits in disrupting a healthy microbial population in the hindgut. These stresses cause good bacteria die off and endotoxins to be released. At the same time, bad bacteria takes advantage of the opportunity to increase in population, which can cause gastrointestinal issues.

When probiotics are fed the hindgut is inoculated with live “good” bacteria that help to stabilize the gastrointestinal tract and help fend off disease-causing microorganisms. With the proper gut flora present in the hindgut optimal digestion can take place. Prebiotics, when fed along with probiotics, provide beneficial nutrients for the “good” bacteria and promote their growth in the gastrointestinal tract.

Research has shown that prebiotics can help lower anxiety, depression, and stress. Live yeast cultures have been proven to stabilize the horse’s cecum pH levels, further stabilizing the gastrointestinal tract and increasing the digestibility of feedstuffs consumed and improving overall nutritional status.

The combination of prebiotics, probiotics and live yeast cultures provide an important additive effect to a horse. They are crucial for your horse to receive as much out of the food consumed as possible, and aid in overall digestion.

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