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As nutritionists we classify horses into four categories: idle (maintenance), light, moderate, and intense. The companion horse would fall between idle and light work.

Light work would include horses that are exercised three or four times each week.  This typically includes horses conditioning for trail riding or light training for low-key events such as western pleasure and lower-level dressage.

A horse in light work is under some stress and certainly will benefit from nutrition that is available for muscle recovery and joint support.

The increased immunity that is provided by the vitamins and minerals makes investing in a high level of nutrition worthwhile.  If a horse can defend against the many health challenges he will not feel better but it can save the owner veterinary costs.

Look through the “Light Work” products to choose the best fit for your horse.  If you have questions please email our nutritionist direct by clicking here.   We are here to provide you with the information necessary to keep your horses happy and healthy.

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