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Horse Guard

Horses, like people, have vitamin and mineral requirements. Unfortunately forages do not meet these needs; luckily you have Horse Guard products to fill these deficiencies or special needs.

Your horse is a companion animal if they have a life that is not demanding of hard work, reproduction, and is not over 15 years old. A large percentage of horses fit into this category. If your horse is ridden a few times a week or goes on a trail ride occasionally then the products listed for this category are right for him.

This category of horses need appropriate vitamins, supplementation, just as much as high performance horses. Not only do these Horse Guard products provide the basic building blocks for vibrant health but they increase disease resistance. This benefit alone makes investing in a high level of nutrition worthwhile. If a horse can defend against the many health challenges your horse will not feel better but it can save you huge veterinary costs.

Look through the products below to choose the best fit for your horse. If you have questions please email our nutritionist direct. We are here to provide you with the information necessary to keep your horses happy and healthy.

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