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More than just weight gain
-Dusty, Arabian Equine Rescue on Apr 03, 2019

“Since switching to Super Weight Gain 3 years ago we haven’t looked back. It offers so much more than any other weight gain supplement. It is now a staple at our rescue.”

Noticeable difference in just weeks!
Sharon, from Oregon on Jan 25, 2018

“Switched my horse to Super Gain. Within a week we saw a noticeable difference. Mostly in his attitude but his weight was starting to fill in. In 3 weeks we had a “new” horse!”

*Dosage is determined on weight. Each bag includes an approx. 4 ounce scoop which 8 ounces is the recommended daily serving for a 1,000lb equine. A 10lb bag has 20 servings for a 1,000lb equine.