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Definitive Improvement!
Ardie, from Idaho on Apr 28, 2018

“Mega Dose does wonders for horses of all sizes! I love it for my two minis and have seen definite improvement after starting to use it this summer!”

Awesome 3 in 1 Product!
Jessie from California on Feb 25, 2018

“Love this product. Cost effective and don’t have to make baggies for my people feeding. 3 in 1! Vitamin and mineral package + complete hoof and hair supplement + a complete pre and probiotic supplement!”

Dosage is determined on weight. Each bag includes an approx. 4 ounce scoop which 4 ounces is the recommended daily serving for a 1,000lb equine. A 10lb bag has 40 servings for a 1,000lb equine.