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Helps my Horse Keep Weight On.
Grace, from South Carolina on Apr 28, 2018

“My three day eventer is naturally high strung, yet she has a fast metabolism and its hard to keep weight on her. Glow keeps weight on her while keeping her calm. It is a game changer for Paulina.”

I Love Glow!
Hope, Professional Barrel Racer on Feb 25, 2017

“Flow gives my barrel horse the cool feed she needs, but also has the anti inflammatory help from the flax seed! I love Glow!”

Dosage is determined on weight. The recommended daily serving for a 1,000lb equine is 4-16 oz, depending on your equine’s energy and calorie needs. For an equine with moderate caloric needs 8 oz is the average dosage and a 40lb bag has 80 servings for a 1,000lb equine.