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Easy to Use & Healthy!
Hailey, from South Carolina on Jun 10, 2019

“Flow is so easy to feed and no mess! I love the packaging. It is light, clean, easy to use and you can take it in your trailer without worrying about it tipping over and getting oil everywhere. The best oil on the market and 100% flax seed, no additives.”

Flow Really Works!
Jennifer, from Nevada on Jan 25, 2018

“My vet suggested Flow for my 22 year old mare who has bad skin allergies. Since feeding Flow her coat has evened out and she seems more comfortable, a lot less itchy and she is even moving around easier.”

Dosage is determined on weight.  Each bag includes a 2 ounce container, 1-2 ounces is the recommended daily serving for a 1,000lb equine.  A 3L bag has 50-100 servings for a 1,000lb equine.