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Wait {{customer_first_name}}! We would like to offer you our brand new natural Vitamin E product, Eas-E Guard!

Add this Natural Vitamin E to your horses diet with Eas-E Guard and receive a one time 25% discount.

Ingredients: Flax seeds meal mechanically extracted, d-alpha Tochopherl Acetate (natural vitamin E)

Guranteed Analysis: Vitamin E 1,000/ IU oz min 16,000 IU/lb

Instructions: Top dress feed or grain with 1 ounce for 1,000 IU’s of Natural Vitamin E per day. (Approx. 1 ounce scoop included)

Get all of the benefits of Natural Vitamin E with Eas-E Guard!

From our very own Dr. Kelsey Nonella.

Boost your horse’s immunity, with Eas-E Guard! Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant! It Protects muscle cells from free radicals that are generated through exercise, it is important in bone and tendon development in foals, and it aids in immune function by limiting damage from destructive enzymes.

*Each bag includes an approx. 1 ounce scoop providing 1,000 IU’s of Natural Vitamin E, with is the recommended daily serving for a 1,000lb equine. A 5lb bag has 80 servings for a 1,000lb equine.