Weight and Muscle Gain in Yearlings

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“Hello, I am trying to find the “right” answer of what is best to feed a warmblood yearling to get them ready to show in hand.  I am basically feeding them maximum of the feed I am feeding plus a fat supplement and they are not building weight, or muscle. I don’t want to add too much.

Currently they are on Triple Crown Complete and Buckeye Ultimate Finish 25% fat, free choice first cutting mixed grass hay (this mixture of feed was told to me by a Hunter Breeder Handler and a vet approved it, but it isn’t working out for me).  Could I add beet pulp or should I change entirely what they are on?”

Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella:

If I were you I would make sure that your horses are receiving a vitamin-mineral supplement that ensures that they are receiving 3 mg of organic selenium per day. When reading an ingredient label make sure that selenium yeast is the source of selenium, not sodium selenite. I would also consider they may benefit from prebiotics and probiotics. Feeding Super Weight Gain would provide your horse with a vitamin mineral supplement, prebiotics and probiotics, and fat and protein.

Unfortunately, not that isn’t one “right” diet for horses. Each horse can respond differently to different diets. The addition of Super Weight Gain to your horses’ current feeding regime might be the missing link.

Hopes this helps. Thank you for taking good care of your horses.

Super Weight Gain


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