Too Much Selenium for My Recovering Horse?

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“I wanted to order the Mega Dose for my horse who is recovering from Anaplasma (a tick born disease here on the east coast) I also wanted to get the vit E and organic Selenium supplement.  However, I wanted to make sure that that wouldn’t be TOO much selenium.”

Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella:

Thank you for the question. Building your horse’s strength and immunity back up is crucial. Selenium and vitamin E are important in aiding the body in recovery.

The 3 mg of organic selenium and vitamin E in Mega-Dose will benefit your horse greatly. I did my doctoral research on selenium in horses.  Horses supplemented with 3 mg of organic selenium have been showed to have increased immunity and combat oxidative stress more effectively than horses supplemented with 1 mg of selenium.

However, I would just feed Mega-Dose and not the additional vitamin and organic selenium supplement. It would be an unnecessary added expense. Mega-Dose contains your complete vitamin/mineral supplement that your horse needs.

I hope this help and good luck. Feel free to ask anymore questions that you may have.

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Kelsey J. Nonella, Ph.D. is an equine nutritionist who was riding horses before she could walk. Her love for horses drives her to help educate people on what their horses’ needs in order to have happy, healthy horses. Kelsey went to Cal Poly receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Animal Science and then onto West Texas A&M, where she got her Masters and eventually her Doctorates in Equine Science. At A&M, Dr. Nonella did extensive research on Selenium within horses. Click here to view her research. Kelsey’s colleagues have mentioned her as one of the United States equine Selenium experts.
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