Supplementing A Percheron With Lymphedema


“I have a 22yr. Old Percheron gelding that has lymphedema. My vet has put him in retirement. I am fine with this. However, I now see him losing his top line. His backbone is showing, I see withers (he didn’t have because he was so round) and the apple bottom is replaced with two bones showing on top of his rump. Can I get any of this back? He has been wormed and had his teeth floated. He stays inside under a fan during the heat of the day. Has all the pasture he wants. Gets senior pellets (about 7 lbs.) also hay during the day when under the fan. Will any of your products help this? Right now he only has two sores on his legs. They look really good. I know I need to watch his fat intake. What can I do?”

Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella:
Conditions with our horses like these are never fun. Management is important to try and slow the progression as much as possible. First off, exercise is key in helping to keep circulation. So being on pasture is great for movement. As far as supplementation, for your horse I would recommend Trifecta. It has a powerful probiotic to help with digestion so he can get more out of the feed he is consuming, so he can start putting weight back on. The joint support in Trifecta, also contains MSM which will help with inflammation, and help to slow the progression on the disease. The vitamin/mineral supplement will also ensure that he has adequate levels for optimal health and immunity. We have an amazing weight gain supplement that contains a vitamin/mineral supplement and probiotics. However, it is high in fat and protein. Therefore, I think Trifecta is the best option for him.



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