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“I am looking at Equine Leg Magic. I have a 2 year old that was born with contracted tendons. We got him over it after a long 6 month battle and now he has strained his leg and one of his legs has re-contracted. My Vet asked me, “You have had him on Vitamin E and Selenium supplements, right?”… umm he is on the turned out program (Whoops) SO I need to get him on supplements as well as a hoof trimming regiment. I called the Equine Leg Magic lady and she said that there was not much selenium in the product and that I could supplement with Selenium and Vitamin E, but to be careful with the trace minerals as to not overdose them on those. I just talked to Ty and she mentioned you have a Vitamin E, Selenium supplement that may work real well with this product. Any insight?”

Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella:
When it comes to selenium and vitamin E, they are very important for bone and tendon development. If he has been turned out, I can almost assure you that he is selenium deficient. If he has been on green pasture he is probably not vitamin E deficient. However, just coming out of winter, if he was on hay, the vitamin E oxidizes and in turn is not available to the horse making them vitamin E deficient. Our vitamin E and Organic Selenium product would be great for him. It provide him with a higher daily dose of selenium than any other vitamin E and selenium product which is crucial for areas that are as deficient as the Northwest. Even if he doesn’t weight 1000 lb yet, I would feed him a full 2 ounces which will provide him with 3 mg of organic selenium and 5000 mg of vitamin E. This product would help him a ton.

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