We have a mare we rescued a few years ago. Her age is unknown. The vets have estimated between 8-15. She is having loose stools. The vet did an exam on her stool and described an excessive amount of bacteria. Put her on msm for several weeks helped for a while but it always comes back. It doesn’t seem to matter what her diet is. She is the same on grass pasture in the summer or grass hay during the winter months. She is on a regular worming schedule. There were no worms found in the stool sample. She did also have a power pack this summer. We have tried several different natural digestive aide supplements some help for a while but then the loose stools come again. We have noticed she drinks a lot of water. They do have salt and mineral available. We are giving her some senior feed and beet supplement as when the stools get really bad she does lose weight. She is not being ridden much so should not be in stress from riding. In fact with winter set in she has not been rode at all.


Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella:

Sorry to hear about your mare. I would recommend supplementing her with one of two supplements. If she isn’t at an ideal weight I would recommend Super Weight Gain, which would provide her with a vitamin-mineral, digestive supplement, and hat fat and protein. You could also consider Trifecta, which contains a vitamin-mineral supplement, digestive supplement, and MSM in one dose.

You also may consider replacing the beet pulp with extruded soybeans because some horses just can’t handle beet pulp very well.

Super Weight Gain


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