Super Weight Gain for My HYPP Horse?


The list of ingredients doesn’t include potassium- does that mean that there is none? I am a bit confused since the main ingredient is whole soybeans. I understand that soybean meal is high potassium yet soybean hulls are low in potassium. Where do we stand with super weight gain? I have an older HYPP horse with rare but severe episodes.


Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella:

The list of ingredients is a list of feedstuffs in the formula….it is not a list of all nutrients… Super Weight Gain contains whole soybeans.  Whole soybeans are the whole bean including the hull. Therefore, Super Weight Gain would only provide about 1.2 grams of potassium per day to the total ration.


Super Weight Gain


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  1. I have a horse with hypp she is on Timothy Hay and Triple Crown grain low in potassium.May I add soybean and flaxseed oil to her grain ?

    • mm Dr. Kelsey J. Nonella Ph.D., P.A.S. says:

      Thank you for the question. Yes, you can add extruded soybeans and flaxseed oil to her grain safely. Let me know if I can answer anymore questions.

  2. Waterfield Regina says:

    I have just gotten back via a court order an HYPP horse that I had sold, but the owners starved. He is a just turned 4 year old large 17.2. The vet is checking him today, he has been here a week with pasture and lots of fresh water. I now need to work toward weight gain and to introduce winter forage. He is at a minimum 500 lbs under weight. Where do I begin? I know with a starved horse you introduce alfalfa first, but it’s not allowed in an HYPP diet. When I had him a year ago feeding them was tricky – he won’t touch beet pulp or corn oil, won’t even look at fescue or brome hay. Please help me with some suggestions how I can safely start putting weight on him.

    • Hello
      What a problem. It sounds like you have had experience keeping an HYPP horse healthy. You probably know about our Product Super Weight Gain. Feeding that will take care of his vitamin mineral requirements, will boost digestion with probiotics and yeast, and supply energy and high quality protein. It has no conflict with HYPP horses. No doubt you have his teeth and deworming program in order…..those are so important. You should also consider our Flax oil …it is high energy with huge health benefits. Provide the best low potassium forage available is the best you can do. If he was in good condition when you sold him it will just take a while to return him to the body condition you desire. These nutrient suggestions will go a long way to speeding the process.
      Good Luck.

      Del Johnson M.S. P.A.S.
      Certified Equine Nutritionist, Horse Guard, Inc.

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