Putting Weight On My Senior Thoroughbred


“I have a senior thoroughbred gelding that I’ve had for the last two years. He was a rescue horse so he has a few issues, nervous and such at times. I find that he isn’t putting weight on like he should be. I have tried many different feeds and I’ve increased them as much as I can but I don’t see any difference. Is there anything you recommend to feed or do so he can put some weight on… Thanks in advance.”

Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella:

Sorry to hear about your horse. I would recommend trying Super Weight Gain. It will not only provide him with fat and protein like other weight gain supplements but it will also take care of any vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies that he may have. Often times thin horses are more prone to vitamin/mineral deficiencies. In addition, the product contains prebiotics, probiotics, and live yeast cultures. Some horses, especially rescue horses, don’t have optimal gut flora to help break down and metabolize the nutrients ingested. The prebiotics and probiotics in Super Weight Gain will help to develop healthier gut flora in the hind gut so that your gelding can get more out of his feed. The product is a soybean-based product so he would be consuming “cool” energy and not making him more nervous. This along with a good-quality hay in front of him at all times and whatever kind of concentrate you prefer, I think should help your gelding to start putting on weight.

Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you. Thank you and good luck with your horse.

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Kelsey J. Nonella, Ph.D. is an equine nutritionist who was riding horses before she could walk. Her love for horses drives her to help educate people on what their horses’ needs in order to have happy, healthy horses. Kelsey went to Cal Poly receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Animal Science and then onto West Texas A&M, where she got her Masters and eventually her Doctorates in Equine Science. At A&M, Dr. Nonella did extensive research on Selenium within horses. Click here to view her research. Kelsey’s colleagues have mentioned her as one of the United States equine Selenium experts.
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2 Responses to “Putting Weight On My Senior Thoroughbred”

  1. Wendy keller says:

    My 23 yr old retired thoughrobdred broodmare has recently had a decline in weight and nothing i have tried helps…what do you recomend??

    • mm Dr. Kelsey J. Nonella Ph.D., P.A.S. says:

      I would recommend Super Weight Gain. It will provide your horse with a vitamin-mineral supplement to fill in deficiencies in their diet; a gut supplement to help stabilize the gut flora to help ensure they are getting the most out of their feed; and the cool energy base of full-fat extruded soybeans which are high in protein and fat to help build topline and muscle without making them hot. It is also a good idea to step him up to free choice alfalfa hay as this will provide him with the most energy dense hay. Let me know if I can answer anymore questions.

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