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“I have two Polish Arabians that I rescued last year. When I got them one was very underweight and from what I learned he has never been up to full weight at any time. I have tried all different weight gain products and nothing seems to help. I live in SC so alfalfa in the summer is not an option i want. He is 5 and I’m just starting to ride him regularly. He is very active and runs off his excess energy, sometimes running for up to 2 hours (bicycles will set this off). My other horse is his half-brother, a little smaller and stockier (6 y/o). I ride him regularly but i would like to see their top line with more and rump area. They weight about 800-900 pounds. This is their current feeding regimen: AM 2 qts beet pulp (wet) 2 qts Dumor Senior pellets 1 qt Equijewel Rice bran ugard they are out on pasture and have hay at their leisure. PM feeding is the same. I cut out the mid day feeding once the grass came up. (half of the AM/PM feeding).”

Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella:
The 5 year old sounds very energetic. Ones like him are very hard to put and keep weight on. Your 5 year old also sounds he could be the type of horse to have ulcers. You could consider getting him scoped by your veterinarian. With horses with ulcers I have had really good luck with adding aloe vera juice to the concentrate. For both of your horses, I would look replacing the beet pulp (if their forage is high quality) with a high-fat feed, like extruded soybeans or renew gold. This will provide them with more “cool” energy to put weight on, and may help your 5 year old because fat has shown to help to calm high energy horse. I would also highly recommend trying our Super Weight Gain product. It will provide them with a complete vitamin/mineral supplement, fat, and most importantly prebiotics and probiotics to help them establish better gut flora in order to get more out of the feed they are consuming. You can buy it on amazon, and typically works absolutely amazing for most horses. We have a lot of Arabian owners that swear by it to help put and keep weight on their hard-keepers.

Super Weight Gain


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