Non GMO Soybeans?

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“Is the soy that is used in Super Weight Gain non GMO (Genetically Modified)?”

Answer from Equine Nutritionist, Del Johnson:
Thanks for your question. In the US it is difficult to get non-GMO soybeans through conventional suppliers. Below is a statement on non-GMO soybeans from GMO Compass:

GM plants are widespread in the world’s leading soybean producing countries.
• The United States (85%) and Argentina (98%) produce almost exclusively GM soybeans. In these countries, GM soybeans are approved without restrictions and are treated just like conventional soybeans. Producers and government officials in the US and Argentina do not see a reason to keep GM and conventionally bred cultivars separate – whether during harvest, shipment, storage or processing. Soybean imports from these countries generally contain a high amount of GM content.

We are not able to specify for non-GMO so we assume that our beans can contain GMO beans. I hope this was helpful in understanding the beans that we use. When we order we order Number One Soybeans with white hylems.

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