No Lysine in Horse Guard?

Question and Anwser


“Can you tell me why your Horse Guard contains no lysine?”

Answer from Equine Nutritionist, Del Johnson:

Thank you for your inquiry. Lysine is an essential amino acid in humans and is important in young horses before their caecum is developed. Most nutritionists believe that after the caecum is developed they are capable of producing their own lysine in the caecum and lower intestinal tract. Even so some nutritionists do recommend supplementation. It is important to note that unless the horse is on low quality grass hay they will get plenty of lysine from forage. Alfalfa and soybeans contain high amounts of lysine.

For horse owners that do wish to supplement additional lysine we provide Super Weight Gain that not only provides lysine in the soybeans but has supplemental lysine. Super Weight Gain is fed at 8 ounces per day for a 1000 lb horse.

Unless you are feeding low quality forage your horses will not benefit from Lysine supplementation. If you do need additional lysine I suggest that Super Weight Gain is an excellent source, which includes a full dose of Horse Guard.

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