No lysine in Hoof Supplement?

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“My farrier wants me to use a hoof supplement for my 12 year old Andalusian gelding because his hoof walls are “thin.”  I am already using HorseGuard, Hylasport OTC which is a joint supplement with MSM, HA, glucosamine and chondroitin; Quiessance, and alfalfa pellets in addition to grass hay.  My readings indicate that in addition to biotin, zinc, and methionine for hoof health, lysine is needed.  I see that your hoof products do not contain lysine.  Please advise.  Thank you very much.”

Answer from Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella:

Thank you for your question. Lysine is the first-limiting amino acid for horses. This can be a problem in horses fed diets that provide low quality protein. However, horse-quality hay usually provides high quality protein. Your horse, especially receiving alfalfa pellets, is getting enough lysine.

For ease in feeding, you may consider switching your Andalusian to Trifecta. In a daily dose, it will not only provide him with Horse Guard, but also a joint supplement(5000 mg of MSM, 5000 mg of Glucosamine, and 100 mg of HA), a hoof & hair supplement (32 mg of Biotin, 400 mg of Zinc and 5000 mg of Methionine), and a probiotic, prebiotic and live yeast supplement
(2 million beneficial bacteria and 5 billion live yeast).

If you like you current feeding program and would just like to add a hoof supplement. You have two choices. A daily dose of Equine Hoof Guard provides your horse with 32 mg of Biotin, 2500 mg of MSM, 2500 mg of Methionine, and 150 mg of Zinc. If your horse’s feet are really bad (which it doesn’t sound like is the case) you could feed Biotin Hoof Blast which provides 100 mg of
biotin along with the same amounts of MSM, Methionine, and Zinc.

I hope this helps.

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  1. Belinda Smithard says:

    What can I feed a foal of 4months old that contains lysine?

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