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“Our big Quarter Horse that we put on Super Weight Gain about six months ago, finally looks like a horse. I really wish I had some before and after pictures for you guys but we were so concerned with bringing him back after almost losing him last 4th of July, that I didn’t do that. Anyway, he is healthier than he has been in the six years we have had him. But back to my question. I am not sure if it is due to what happened last summer or just his age with his now added healthy weight but when he gets up from resting. Whether it is sitting in what Bailee calls

“Unicorn style”

Meaning with his legs tucked under him, or lying flat out. He is extremely stiff in muscles and joints. He will walk out of it and once he has moved around, he can be extremely athletic. He is on 4 oz of Super weight Gain and ½ gal of Purina Senior twice a day plus hay. Do you think Equine Joint Guard would help or what would you suggest? I know how he feels but I can get to Advil or Aleve…..”

Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella:
Great to hear your horse is looking so much healthier! Super weight gain is an amazing product. Sorry to hear he is getting stiff as he ages. You have a couple of different options with him. You could keep him on the super weight gain and add the joint guard, which would really help to lubricate his joints and help him out. Joint Guard will provide him with 6600 mg of glucosamine, 1000 mg of chondroitin, 100 mg of HA, 2500 mg methionine, and 6600 mg of MSM in each 4 oz dose. These are massive doses and are one of the very highest on the market. Another option that might be simpler for you is to feed trifecta. Now that he is at a good weight you could replace the super weight gain with 8 oz of Trifecta. It will provide him with the vitamin-package pack that the super weight gain provides. It also has prebiotics and probiotics like super weight gain (just not quite as high of levels). In addition, it provides a hoof supplement, and powerful joint supplement. The joint support in trifecta provides 5000 mg glucosamine, 5000 mg methionine, 5000 mg MSM, and 50 mg of HA. Trifecta is what we feed all of our horses. It will be the most economical for you to feed. However, if you feed Trifecta for a couple months and he still seems a little stiff you could then switch him over to the super weight gain and joint guard for even higher levels of joint support.



Super Weight Gain


Hoof Guard


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