Lamar’s 90 Day Difference on Super Weight Gain

Horse Guard’s very own project horse. When we bought Lamar he was 16’1 and weighted 900 lbs. He was clearly emaciated. When we picked him up he was out with 5 other horses who were in fine condition. Lamar is a perfect example of why Super Weight Gain works so well. It was obvious comparing these other horses in his pen to Lamar that something was missing in his diet.

Super Weight Gain addressed 5 different problems he could have had:

  1. Extra Fat- Higher levels of calories needed for an underweight horse
  2. Extra Protein- Meeting any protein deficiencies, building muscle and increasing functionality
  3. Gut Problem- Prebiotics, Probitoics & Live Yeast Cultures
  4. Any Deficiencies- A whole dose of Horse Guard, vitamin and mineral package
  5. Extra Muscle- Increased Vitamin E to build muscles

30 days on Super Weight Gain and Lamar was starting to look and feel better. Lamar had just turned 5 when we bought him, he should have been a goosey, silly five year spooking at everything. He wasn’t; he didn’t even look around when he was unloaded at Horse Guard. 30 days later he was turning into a different horse, starting to act like a 5 year old should.

90 days later Lamar was a different horse, as seen below. Be sure and note what a difference on his top line.

lamar 90 days side

The muscle cover over his back and hip are just amazing. As you can see in the before picture his hip was concaved, now it is completely filled out. The difference speaks for itself.  lamar 90 days top

Lamar is now a solid, healthy 5 year old that has a big motor and heart of gold! He was a great project and we all love him here at Horse Guard.


– Ty, Marketing Director at Horse Guard Inc.

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Ty is the Marketing Director for Horse Guard. A Cal Poly graduate, Ty has been handling and competing with horses her whole life. Ty values her horses health and truly believes she is feeding and marketing the best equine supplements on the market. View all posts by Horse Guard

19 Responses to “Lamar’s 90 Day Difference on Super Weight Gain”

  1. Gina Bailey says:

    Are you confident the soy is not from GMO source? Is it heated and destabilized to convert to oil?

    • mm Dr. Kelsey J. Nonella Ph.D., P.A.S. says:

      Our extruded soybeans are sourced locally, however are not non-GMO. During the extrusion process the soybeans are heated to destroy anti-nutritional factors and increase oil availability while maintaining the nutritional quality of the protein.

  2. Patricia Travis says:

    Anyone out try this product and have good results?

    • mm Dr. Kelsey J. Nonella Ph.D., P.A.S. says:


      We have many amazing testimonials. If you check out the reviews on our website or on Amazon you can see customer’s reviews.

  3. Ronda Lopez says:

    How would this work for older horse with bad teeth ?

    • mm Dr. Kelsey J. Nonella Ph.D., P.A.S. says:

      Yes, Super Weight Gain is an extruded soybean base and therefore, very easy for a horse with bad teeth to eat. When fed along with a diet best suited for bad teeth, Super Weight Gain can aid the horse to get the most out of his feed.

  4. Kara Dollar says:

    How palatable is it? I have a rescue that is very finicky and will actually walk away from food if there is even a hint of supplements in there. I’ve spent a small fortune trying to find one that he likes. He’s been thoroughly vet checked, wormed, teeth floated, etc so there is no medical reason. Just finicky!

    • mm Dr. Kelsey J. Nonella Ph.D., P.A.S. says:


      Typically horses find Super Weight Gain extremely palatable. It is an extruded soybean base, so the vitamin/mineral smell is fairly well masked. We encourage people to very finicky horses to start with a half dose and mix it in with their current feed, then build them up to the full dose and they adapt to the new product. Good thing to know is you can try our products risk-free. If your horse doesn’t like it, return the bag for a full refund. Thanks for the question.

  5. Rosemary says:

    I have a 14 year old that I am having problems getting to put her weight back on…all the others have gained their weight. Except for her..please let me know where I may find this product

    • Ty Natalie Johnson says:

      We have Dealer Locator, please look here to find a store near you. Dealer Locator
      If you cannot find a local store we have an online store. Super Weight Gain
      Good luck with the product. We have had numerous testimonials come in for the this product. It addresses more than just adding energy. A complete vitamin mineral supplement, gut supplement and weight gain supplement are included in each dose.
      Thank you for your interest.

  6. Sue Newman says:

    Is this product low in starches and carbs. Tks

    • mm Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella says:

      Yes this product is very low in starches and carbohydrates. It is a extruded soybean-based product, which is high in protein and fat and low in starches and carbohydrates. The protein and fat make it a good “cool” energy supplement. Thank you for the question.

  7. Susan Anderson says:

    Is this good for a 30 year old horse who is emancipated but being fed 12 to 14 pounds daily of Purina Equine Senior to put weight back on

    • mm Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella says:

      This product would be great for an emaciated, eldery mare. As a horse ages their ability to digest the nutrients that are provided to them diminishes. The prebiotics, probiotics, and live yeast cultures will be very beneficial for your mare, and help her gastrointestinal tract to digest more from her feed. In addition, the vitamin/mineral package will provide her with essential nutrients that she may not currently being receiving adequate amounts. The fat and protein in Super Weight Gain will increase her caloric intake to help with the other feeds to put weight back on her. Good luck with your mare, it is always tough as they get older.
      Thank you

  8. Sherry says:

    How do get some

    • mm Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella says:

      where you are located will determine what options you have on places to purchase super weight gain. You can always purchase it on our website, but there is a dealer locator on my website.
      Thank you

  9. Ava Brackin says:

    Would like more information on this product.

    • mm Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella says:

      Super Weight Gain is a great product for horses that need to put more weight on, or have a hard time keeping on weight. Not only does this product have fat and protein like all of its weight gain competitors, it is the only product on the market that also provides a complete vitamin and vitamin supplement. In addition, Super Weight Gain has powerful prebiotics and probiotics that address digestive issues. To order go to

  10. You have done an amazing job with a horse that needed your help. Great product, great horse, great job. Cheers

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