It’s Gotta Be the Shoes!

Biotin Horse Hoof Guard

We clearly know this wasn’t the case… Shoes don’t make anyone or anything any more capable purely from a physiological standpoint. The same goes for the horses we love and care about so much. Humans began placing shoes on horses a little over 2000 years ago to help their ever-growing hooves cope with the demands domestication placed on their feet. From stone roads, to pursuing enemies over rocky terrain, to being stabled on sand, wearing shoes strains a horse’s hooves. Similar to the past, our horses encounter hoof issues, due to the changes in their domestication, changes in their diet, and of course just some equine are not born with good feet. Problems can range from cracking, weak hoof walls, tender feet, and bruising of the hoof to white line disease and whatnot.

Luckily, Horse Guard Inc. offers a variety of products that promote good hoof health and regeneration of the hoof structure through carefully chosen and metered supplements containing biotin (a water-soluble B-vitamin that aids in metabolism of fats and amino acids crucial for hoof and hair growth ) and MSM, among others, zinc and methionine (a structural protein which helps build a strong, flexible hoof).

One product created specifically for hoof health is Biotin Hoof Blast.

With 100 mg of biotin per 2 ounce serving, this amounts to our product offering more than five (5) times the biotin of our competitors! This is ideal for those who need a supplement that can boost healthy hoof growth. We also offer Equine Hoof Guard, with 32 mg of biotin per 2 ounce serving for those who need to maintain healthy hoof integrity. These two products are the only hoof supplements with MSM included, making the products not only more potent than any on the market, but more effective.


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