Insulin Resistance?

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“We moved to San Diego from Bend/Redmond four years ago and brought our, now 24, quarter horse with us. He’s always been an easy keeper and for 15 years we have given him Horse Guard. We are now seeing this product on the shelves of some feed stores. However, he has just tested positive for Cushing’s (54) and started on meds. We have soaked his Orchard hay to remove sugar, he’s lost 50#, looks good. The soaking seems to be why we aren’t dealing with insulin resistance. However, I’m concerned about his vitamin, mineral intake. Your analysis says the pellets have corn flour. I’ve been told no corn, oats, or grains, only hay and hay pellets. Is your product appropriate for a horse with these issues.”

Answer from Equine Nutritionist, Del Johnson:

Thanks for your question and your business. Insulin resistance is a common problem in horse health. As you know it is caused by available starches and sugars and an inability to metabolize them in the large quantities that they exist in normal high grain diets. Soaking hay helps because it removes some of the sugars and reduces stress on the system. There still remains a substantial quantity of sugars and starches in the ration but at a level that the horses can digest properly. The dosage of 2 ounces of Horse Guard is so small and the carriers in Horse Guard even smaller that the starches in the corn and wheat have very little effect on the total sugar starch content of the total 22 lb daily diet of the average horse. That is a long way of saying that although there is a small amount of starch in Horse Guard it will have no negative effect. I hope this helps.

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