How to Stop My Horse from Chewing Wood

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“My horse chews wood, and I am hoping if I add some more supplements it will curb that need. I feed him 2 lbs of Well Solve LS, Hoof blast (Biotin), one scoop of Tyrol-L and I ordered the Simplete Essential and was to start adding that to his diet.  He has surgery 1 year ago and they removed part of his coffin bone. He had thin soles and now has good sole thickness. What would you suggest for the Simplete Essential amount?”

Answer from Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella:

It is great to hear that your horse is doing better after his surgery. I think Simplete would be a great option for you to feed your horse for simplicity for you. You may consider feeding your horse Simplete Senior/Active, which would add more MSM and Glucosamine. I recommend feeding him grass hay, 2 lbs of Simplete(whichever you feel is the best fit for your horse), Tyrol-L, and Biotin Hoof Blast.

I assume that this horse had laminitis. If you have access to two different qualities of grass hay I would recommend feeding a couple flakes of good quality grass hay morning and night, and then as a filler feeding a lower quality grass hay to him so that he can nibble on it throughout the day. Typically, wood chewing is done due to boredom. By giving him access to the lower quality grass hay all day this may turn his attention to the hay rather than the wood.

I hope this helps.

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