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Read this great article written by Keri at Arabian Horse Rescue on how our products have benefited all their horses, but one in particular…. Enjoy!

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At Arabian Horse Rescue & Education, we believe all horses deserve love no matter where they come from or what state they are in when they come to us. In fact, many times a difficult rehabilitation will lead to an extra rewarding adoption. When AHRE purchased Frosty at auction in July 2015, she was terrified, severely emaciated and at least 100lbs under weight. She had many scratches and her behavior lead us to believe she had been abused.  We could tell that buried under her fear was a sweet demeanor and horse that would eventually trust humans again.

AHRE goes to auctions regularly to rescue Arabians or Part Arabians from ending up on the trucks headed to slaughter houses.  We never bid against private buyers and we hoped that Frosty would be bid on.  That night there was not a private home for Frosty so AHRE stepped up and won the bidding. Even though she was on her way to a safe home, Frosty resisted loading at the auction yard. She was scared and tired of rough handling.

When we bring a horse home from a difficult situation, we invest in the time to rehabilitate them and let them return to ‘just being a horse’.  We put our faith in the generosity of sponsors, donors and the commitment of our volunteers. For months, Frosty was cranky and exhibited signs of malnutrition and abuse. She would kick walls of her stall, chase other horses around in the field and wouldn’t let ANY male human get close to her. It was disheartening at first, but with patience, love and the right supplements in her diet, Frosty began to transform.  During this time, we fed her Horse Guard’s Super Weight Gain supplement in the morning and at night, mixed with her other feed. Horse Guard products have been essential to AHRE’s re-feeding program. We’ve found that Super Weight Gain helps us restore our malnourished horses to optimal health in the shortest amount of time, allowing us to focus on training and preparing for adoption. Once the horses have recovered to their optimal level we transition them to Horse Guard’s Mega Dose or Trifecta.  The difference these products made in Frosty recovery was incredible.

Once our little mare got stronger and no longer feared where her next meal was coming from she made the connection we were not there to hurt her. We loved her, fed her, brushed her and she started to flourish.  After the successful weight gain with Horse Guards products, Frosty was able to show her true colors. She began to warm up to people and proved to be the sweetheart we knew she could be. Eventually she showed us that she was a perfect beginner horse and we slowly introduced her to children.  She loved kids and was even more relaxed when they were around.  Soon, Frosty was adopted to her own little girl, who loves and appreciates her for the strong, special horse she was and still is.

Keri Anderson


Arabian Horse Rescue & Education, Inc

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