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“I am battling with what horse feed to give my gelding. He is a 9yr old barrel horse in training. He has a heavy work load. His coat and hooves are healthy. He needs to gain a little weight and muscle( i just bought him). I usually prefer a textured feed and want something is more natural and healthy, while giving him every component he needs. I also am looking for affordable.”

Answer by Equine Nutritionist and Owner, Del Johnson:

If you are in the area of a Coastal Store get our complete feed, Simplete.  Simplete Senior/Active would be perfect of this horse.  It will look to be expensive per bag….but is feed at 2 lbs a day and you get so much.  All of our performance horses are on this.  Truly amazing.

If you cannot get Simplete I suggest that you feed a grain of your choice with Super Weight Gain.  It provides all Horse Guard vitamins and minerals plus additional probiotics, oils and protein supplement.

I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have more questions.

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