Hoof & Hair Guard Is So Effective, It Would Make Fabio Jealous!

Fabio Lanzoni, better known as just Fabio, is an Italian model and actor whose image has graced many product ads – and Harlequin novels – throughout his long career. A naturally handsome individual, his most famous feature is his long, magnificent hair. In order to allow his hair to look its best, Fabio has expensive stylists who utilize expensive products… But what price does his hair pay as a result? What damage has his hair endured over the years?


mane tail hoof and hair guard horse

Your horse can have strong, healthy hair without the need for potentially damaging products thanks to Horse Guard Inc. We offer a variety of products that provide natural coat and hair conditioning for your horse. The first is Hoof and Hair Guard which features biotin and soybeans, making this a great supplement for hair growth and coat conditioning; yet it also benefits your horse by strengthening hoof structure. Another great option is Glow, of which the only ingredient is soybean. This not only serves as a high protein, high fat, feed supplement, but the soybeans retain all their essential oils, providing visible improvements to your horse’s coat as a result.Front image of Glow 40lb, a extruded soybean supplment for horses health. 


Both products are wonderful ways to enrich and condition your horse’s mane, tail and coat, even if your horse isn’t experiencing any issues in these areas.


flax omega 3 mane long horse We here at Horse Guard Inc. love horses… It is because of this that we take great pride and care in developing each and every product we sell. We do our best to ensure our products are made using only the best ingredients & supplements on the market, and we’ll let the results speak for themselves! Whatever product you choose, we’re here to help. Email our expert staff or call us at (800) 553-4246 with any specific questions or concerns you may have, or if you simply want to learn more about how our products can help keep your horse healthy and happy for years to come.


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2 Responses to “Hoof & Hair Guard Is So Effective, It Would Make Fabio Jealous!”

  1. Breanna says:

    Hi! How many days do I need to feed this product to start seeing a difference do you think? I own a friesian and I also coat her mane with mtg but just looking for it to continue to grow in maybe a little faster than it normally would.

    • mm Dr. Kelsey J. Nonella Ph.D., P.A.S. says:


      You should be able to start noticing a shinier coat and mane after one bag which lasts approx. 26 days. Hoof and Hair Guard will then help new growth to be stronger and more supple mane and tail. In addition, the biotin will help to your friesian’s mane and tail to grow a slightly faster rate.

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