Feeding A Very Underweight, Nursing Mare


“I recently bought two mares (4 weeks ago), one who’s approximately 3 months pregnant the other who’s a rescue that’s nursing and very underweight. We’re currently feeding her beet pulp mush with black oil sunflower seeds and a product called haystack. I want to start both mares on super gain and or Horse Guard. My curiosity is, do I continue with the beet pulp with your products? Also, will super gain be enough to put some weight on for winter (my main concern). We had her teeth floated last week and the vet recommended foal and mare feed. She’s been on that about 5 days along with the beet pulp much. I’m trying to simplify the feed but with the most/best nutrients possible. I’m new to the horse world so any advice is welcomed! Thank you for your time!”

Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella:
You can continue feeding the beet pulp with our products or you may consider feeding the haystack specials blend with our products (which it recommended to be fed ½ to 11/2 pounds per 100 lb body weight in order to help put weight on, so an average horse would receive 5-15 pounds). For the mare that is very underweight I would recommend putting her on Super Weight Gain, the mare and foal, and some haystack feed. In addition if she isn’t already on alfalfa hay, feeding both grass hay and slowly start introducing alfalfa into her diet. Feed her all she can eat of grass hay. The key with the skinny mare is to increase her calorie content. Super Weight Gain will provide her with fat and protein, as well as meet any vitamin and mineral deficiencies she has, and help her to get more out of the feed she is consuming, but she also need the calorie content of her total diet increased. For the other pregnant mare, if she is in good body condition you can feed her Horse Guard and a little mare and foal feed (to meet the increase levels of Calcium and phosphorous), along to all she can eat grass hay, and if you like a little alfalfa. If you have any other questions I would be more than happy to answer them. Welcome to the world of horses.

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