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” Hi! My mini pregnant donkey is on 1 oz Horse Guard . Can Horse Guard be given instead of a Mare and Foal grain supplement in the 3rd trimester?  She is getting about a flake of orchardgrass hay and a cup of alfalfa pellets per day. She’s 7 1/2 months pregnant now.  Her pre-pregnancy weight was about 350 lbs.  Thanks!”

Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella:

Pregnant mares in the last trimester have special needs, especially in regards to the Calcium/Phosphorus ratio. The Calcium:Phosphorus ratio of orchard grass averages 1.5:1 and alfalfa averages 5.3:1. These numbers are just estimates, and to be sure that she is receiving the correct ratio you would need to do a feed analysis. However, using the averages, feeding the two forages together you should be close to balancing her Ca:P ratio to a good level for a pregnant mare. These forages along with 1 ounce of Horse Guard should ensure that she is receiving everything she needs for her and her baby.

Good luck and thank you are taking great care of your donkey!

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