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“I started horse guard on my almost 15 year old QH 3 weeks ago. Since then he’s not eating g as much hay. He has had a vet check up and teeth were good. His demeanor and weight are good also. My question is, do you think he’s getting more of what he needed through horseguard, so he’s not eating g as much? ”

Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella:
It is great that you started your horse on Horse Guard. It will help to meet all his nutritional needs that aren’t met by the hay. The vitamin/mineral supplement must likely isn’t causing the reduction in the amount of hay he is eating. Interesting note, salt to the only micronutrient that horses self-regulate, meaning it is the only micronutrient they will seek out if they are deficient. Horses typically consume between 1-2% of their body weight in hay per day. Amounts can vary to due to several factors. For example, if it has warmed up the horse doesn’t need as much energy and will decrease to amount of hay he consumes. As long as your horse’s hay consumption is staying above 1% you should have no need to be concerned. It sounds like you monitor your horse’s feed consumption and body condition very carefully. So just keep an eye on him to make sure is stays in good condition. Your horse will thank you for having to best health in mind.

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Kelsey J. Nonella, Ph.D. is an equine nutritionist who was riding horses before she could walk. Her love for horses drives her to help educate people on what their horses’ needs in order to have happy, healthy horses. Kelsey went to Cal Poly receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Animal Science and then onto West Texas A&M, where she got her Masters and eventually her Doctorates in Equine Science. At A&M, Dr. Nonella did extensive research on Selenium within horses. Click here to view her research. Kelsey’s colleagues have mentioned her as one of the United States equine Selenium experts.
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