A Complete Feed to Pair With Trifecta?

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I really believe in the Trifecta product. Might you suggest a safe “complete ” pellet food source to use in concert with Trifecta. A pelleted food source that keeps the selenium levels safe for a 21 active horse who events at a low level. My horse has access to a low protein hay ad lib , as well as pasture grass for 6-8 hours per day in Pullman WA. Pasture and hay are from same source. Both low protein but plentiful. Previously my horse was on a non-vitamin pelleted food source for grass based hay in western WA. Thus, Trifecta was not providing too much selenium, but great supplement support. The Western WA facility offered hay with a higher protein content. Trying to keep using Trifecta without over doing the selenium or anything else I should be aware of in his Eastern WA home is important to me. Pellet Options in new Eastern WA facility are open, but the majority of the horses are on Purina Strategy or Purina Senior or Purina Ultium.

Answer from Equine Nutritionist, Del Johnson:
Thanks for the question. Selenium is toxic at levels of 30 mg per day for a 1000 lb. horse. Trifecta provides 3 mg per day so there is a lot of safety in combining other feed ingredients. Most feed products are formulated at 1 mg per day if you are feeding the highest feed recommendation. Typically you don’t need to worry about a toxic level when you are adding forage and grain….and even salt that contains selenium. I suggest that you find a forage source to complement the pasture and add enough simple grain to keep the body condition that you desire. We vary the quality of the forage to keep body condition and feed very little grain, just enough to combine with the Trifecta. If you use a Purina product as the grain source just use enough so that you can top dress with Trifecta because Trifecta provides all vitamins and trace minerals required.

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4 Responses to “A Complete Feed to Pair With Trifecta?”

  1. Aiden rich says:

    How long does the 40 lb bag of trifecta last for

  2. Casey Riley says:

    I have a four year old reining horse, I use Purina Enrich along with hay from the McKenzie river area and horse guard..Jan 1 I plan on buying my first bag of trifecta and I will use it for oneonth and report back and then regularly to let you all know if trifecta works as stated.

    • mm Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella says:

      Thank you for caring so much about your horse and choosing Horse Guard products. We hope you are as pleased with Trifecta as we are with it in our performance horses. We truly believe in these products and have seen results over and over. High performance horses, such as reining horses, benefit greatly from the added joint support in Trifecta.

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