3 mg of Selenium for My Horse with PSSM

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“My horse has possible PSSM.  He is a 1300lb Gypsy Vanner and his vitamin E & Se levels are low. I’m considering your product and the Vit E level in it is perfect but I’m concerned that the 3mg is too much ( my vet has recommended 1mg).  My horses lab results are as follows: VitaminE serum = 1.98, Ref range 2.00-4.00  units ug/ml, Selenium Serum = 109, Ref range 120-180 units ng/ml.  Any thoughts?”

Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella:

I am sorry to hear about your Gypsy Vanner. Selenium and vitamin E serve as antioxidants to aid the body in removing harmful free radicals from the body caused by oxidative stress. Signs of selenium and vitamin E deficiency can include muscle cramping and stiffness, much like PSSM.

I think that 3 mg of organic selenium will benefit your horse greatly. I did my doctoral research on selenium in horses.  Horses supplemented with 3 mg of organic selenium have been showed to have increased immunity and combat oxidative stress more effectively than horses supplemented with 1
mg of selenium.

If you are interested in reading an article on my research here is a link to the article https://www.horseguard.com/innovative-selenium-research/

Increasing your horse’s selenium and vitamin E levels will help him to handle his PSSM better. I would also recommend feeding no grain, and only grass hay. If he needs extra energy, feed him something low in starch and high in fat, such as soybean meal or beet pulp.

I hope this help and good luck. Feel free to ask anymore questions that you may have.

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Kelsey J. Nonella, Ph.D. is an equine nutritionist who was riding horses before she could walk. Her love for horses drives her to help educate people on what their horses’ needs in order to have happy, healthy horses. Kelsey went to Cal Poly receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Animal Science and then onto West Texas A&M, where she got her Masters and eventually her Doctorates in Equine Science. At A&M, Dr. Nonella did extensive research on Selenium within horses. Click here to view her research. Kelsey’s colleagues have mentioned her as one of the United States equine Selenium experts.
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  1. My paint mare, Lily is so stiff and sore. Doesn’t want to move. I had a Cushing rest done at UC Davis and she doesn’t have it. I’m reading a lot about PSSM This sounds like what she’s experiencing. I also remember my daughters AQHA Having it, but not as bad. We put him on a low starch diet. I have heard that I should not only change her diet but I should give her a vitamin E supplement. I just need to know how much each day. Could you help me? I hope so. I can’t afford to do all the testing. I’m 68 and on a fixed income. Thank you so much.

    • mm Dr. Kelsey J. Nonella Ph.D., P.A.S. says:

      Thank you for the question. Sorry to hear about your mare. It is no fun to watch them be uncomfortable. Putting her a low starch diet is a great start. Then adding a vitamin-mineral supplement like Super Weight Gain will provide her 3 mg of organic selenium and 1,500 IU of vitamin E. I would also recommend 1 cup of Flow, and add 2 scoops Eas-E Guard. This will give her 3,500 IU of vitamin E.

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