Recommended Products | General Equine Wellness

Happy, Healthy, Horses…

Simple-to-feed products designed to promote all-round horse health & balanced equine nutrition.

Horse Guard

 Horse Guard $37.96-$132.01

The most highly concentrated equine vitamin-mineral supplement on the market today!


Mega Dose

 Horse Guard $37.96-$132.01
The vitamin-mineral package of Horse Guard plus an integrated hoof and hair supplement and gut supplement.



 Horse Guard $37.96-$132.01

Horse Guard with super-sized probiotics & antioxidants PLUS a integrated Hoof Supplement AND a integrated Joint Supplement.

$67.78 – $228.92

Super Weight Gain

 Horse Guard $37.96-$132.01

High Fat and protein, along with a complete gut supplement, increased vitamin E and vitamin-mineral package of Horse Guard in a crumble of full-oil soy meal for a truly healthy weight gain product.


Simplete Senior/Active

Simplete Senior

3,000 mg of Glucosamine + 3,000 mg of MSM for joint health along with elevated levels of Lysine, Vitamin C & Vitamin E and Magnesium for the little extra nutritional boost that hard-working and older horses.


Simplete Essential

Simplete Essentials

Everything your horse needs in just 2 lbs. A perfect combination of Oats, Extruded Soybeans, Probiotics & Prebiotics, Omega 3 Oils and the vitamin-mineral package of Horse Guard.