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Support your horse’s essential functions with top quality digestive supplements.

Super Weight Gain

 Horse Guard $37.96-$132.01

High Fat and protein, along with a complete gut supplement, increased vitamin E and vitamin-mineral package of Horse Guard in a crumble of full-oil soy meal for a truly healthy weight gain product.


Mega Dose

 Horse Guard $37.96-$132.01
The vitamin-mineral package of Horse Guard plus an integrated hoof and hair supplement and gut supplement.


Sand Guard

Sand Colic, psyllium husk

Psyllium Seed Husk is used to move sand out of the intestines. Prevent Sand Colic!


Horse Guard

 Horse Guard $37.96-$132.01

A complete vitamin and mineral package with added prebiotics and probiotics.



Prebiotics, Probiotics, Weight Gain, 90 Days, Before and After, Fat, Protein, Underweight Horse, Underweight Equine, Extruded soybeans

High protein, high fat concentrate that can be fed to add protein and energy to the diet.